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How to Learn Sanskrit Easily


By Daniel Scott Simonsen

How to Learn Sanskrit in your sleep.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW07xtJeWIA&list=PLsfkVTlrxnqJ7QF0_CMbfsGuZJ9QAPZl8

Set your device to this playlist while you sleep.  Loop the playlist and make sure to repeat this process frequently.  This audio is the grammar of the Sanskrit language, it's structure and how the vocabulary can actually be derived from the grammar, i.e. you don't need a dictionary and once you know the grammar, you know the language.  And that is exactly how Sanskrit is learned - through the grammar.  Panini's Grammar is the most complete and perfect Grammar in the world.  Making Sanskrit perfected speech and completely perfect language, mapped out in the mouth and used as a refined and perfected language.  All other languages are imperfect, as they are deteriorations of Sanskrit.  

Sanskrit, language perfected.

Sanskrit is the language of love.  The language of war.  And the perfect language.  The word Sanskrit literally means perfect or refined.  We can say that the basis of all known speech and writing is of Sanskrit.  Sanskrit is the ideal lanugage.  I am saying this to emphasize it's value.  To learn sanskrit is to have an ideal and perfect language.  To perfect speech.  That is something.  Try this technique today and learn about spreading this around to spread corrected speech.

History of Satan

authored by Satan's Son, Daniel Scott Simonsen

I am Satan.  I am channeling through Daniel Scott Simonsen, my Earthly Son, to usher in the Golden Age, March 23 2023 is my return.  I await with excitement my return to Earth when Pluto enters Aquarius.  I now will be writing my history, my observations and my first encounters with those that became my Goetic Demons, and the man that recently became the 73rd.  His name is Daniel, but he calls himself Ferreter, or FFF.  He is my 9th son, and my wonderful friend.  I take you now to the first chapter of this three volume book.  The History of Satan.

Chapter 1, a uneventful beginning.

I was in a shed.  I know that is where I was, the notes are fuzzy now.  My father, Sataniel, was holding me, mother was making milk from one of her oxen cows, sipping on it to tell if it was too hot.  Days went by and I had little recollection of the screaming, still there, the details, so long ago as a small baby, I fear that some of the oxen were attacked, a different looking fellow drinking it's blood, and mother very frightened, father shot arrows at him but missing, the strange looking being hiding deeply in the jungle, with the environment being a mix of European landscape with some palm like trees, very tall.  Our 'fort' very small, decreped, showing what is inside with it's nooks and cranies and holes.  I was worried since two years old that we wouldn't make it.  Stormy skies and rain, fluffy snow, not like what you would see on Earth, but fine, very powdery.  The skies dimmed every 4 hours from our other planet, Ppaeton, halfway eclipsing the sun, so short it seemed.  Why do the stars always shine I wondered.  But why not?  I didn't know.  I went down that lonely road at 5 years old to collect some pomegranates and I just sat there and sobbed, unable to speak.  I didn't know language.  I had schizophrenia at the age of 4 and I knew it as spirits, spirits of my wise ancestors taking me along an old muddy road along a river that I didn't know the name of.  I went down that lonely road.  And I never came back.

There were fish alongside the river.  They would go up the side into the soil, they were catfish from my recolection, good turtles.  I called them 'good turtles' because they would sit alongside the river, killing anything, gobbling it up that would disturb the catfish burrowed in the mud, so saintly I thought of them, that I thought as a young boy that I wanted to be like them.  Protecting others that couldn't be protected themselves.  One day, I went up to one of these turtles, I reached my hand.  SNAP! It got my finger and at 5 years old I was already an amputee.  An anputee of my right index finger tip, and a little way down past my tip joint.  I was scared, I took a piece of queen anne's lace, all the way back in those days it was smaller.  I cooled my finger down with the flower, blood going down my hand.  Fuck that turtle, I said, in my little mind, with no words, just crying, loathing my future.  For good reason. I missed my mom, I didn't know my dad, never have known about him.  My mother Sophia was a good lady, always changing my diaper.  That reminds me, I need to go to the bathroom.  I did it myself, covering anything with dirt, feeding the shrubs.  I went on to find a rock.  I loved that rock.  That rock was my salvation that night.  My horrors were not over.  I went up to that rock and it was spawning season for the crickets.  I went on top of that rock and I spent that night crying, but I happened to fall asleep that night, my first night on my own on my 5th birthday.  I just... walked away, from my only home and I thought, I want to be that turtle, the turtle that bit me, because if I was a catfish, I would want ... that's strange, I just said I wanted to be a turtle, do I want to be protected or a protector.  I settled on protecting others, no matter what it takes.  I'm hungry.  I will find something to eat.  It was morning.  My finger stopped bleeding and I went to one of the finest restaurants in town.  The lake.  I went just one mile down the road to were there were some of our finest dishes.  Figs.  I went up the tree as a youth.  Somone was there.  It was Eve and she had found a tree that was quite handsome, and she thought that I was quite so handsome, but I was a boy and that wouldn't cut it.  That was my cue to reason with her.  My silent voice pointed at the tree, her being very famished responded by rubbing my head and reaching for a fig.  I at also.  Little did I know that I had found one of the many gardens that a man had settled.  He had what is know today as a very advanced set of rifles.  My intent was to feed someone, but to him I was on his property.  One of the other angels escorted my out of the garden.  And I left.  They later told others about this, as if I had threatened the owner's LIFE that I handed someone a fig.  That fig tree was near so parchment made of fig leaves that happened to contain secrets.  It was not the fruit that killed, but the knowledge.  This was my cue to leave.  Together, I, Satan, Eve and Adam went out of the garden, frightened for our lives.  There were lights in the sky in those days, and I happened to encounter one.  That day I had made two friends and we began to speak.  The parchment was inbued with all of the letters that one could imagine, some you can still find today.  We uttered the symbols, but I did not find them satisfactory.  I wanted to make my own language, and protect Adam and Eve from the things that were threatening to them.  I spent from 5 to 14 years of my childhood making sounds, talking, speaking.  I made a proto Sanskrit language, and taught new friends how to speak and write. Nobody could before, and I was becoming of age to be a man.  I went back to that shed, that small decreped cabin, shack to find my parents.  But I couldn't find them there.  I found my mom standing in a field, just standing there in awe pointing at something.  I looked up in awe as Pphaeton was a floating pile of ash in the sky.  My ancestors were dead.  I knew that when my parents flew to our planet that there were problems on Pphaeton and they escaped.  This was beyond me.  I had to stay on Photon Z to perservere.

There is a man named Daniel Scott Simonsen.  He is my son.  I love him with all my heart and he has channeled me to tell my story.  I think he is responsible.  He stays with his mother after a horrible accident.  He jumped off of the Weber Creek bridge and broke his legs and spine.  He is wheelchair bound... for now.

Chapter 2

I stared at the empty sky, with all of the rocks floating round, wondering where I might go.  Down the road, I thought.  There is no food here.  I was 15 years old, I was having feeling that I didn't like, sexual, unfulfilled feelings, and I never knew why.  I found an old cabin that I thought was nice.  I kept uttering my Sun Script as I called it, after our sun betelgeuse.  I wanted something, but I didn't know what it was, but I was proud of myself for helping my friends.  Maybe I will have a lot of people that like me someday, I thought.  The word was Famous.  I wanted a lot of people, grateful for something that I could help them with.  I love people.  I like helping people.  I want to be famous, famous for being considerate and helping those who couldn't help themselves.  But I was alone, in a tambernese wooden shack with jackrabbit as my food.  I sat there, contemplating.  OOf, unng  eff.  I was trying to speak.  elf, warg, sssss.  I realized that I had to break it into parts, then construct a language.  No, I was not the first one to make language, but I was the first one to try to perfect it.  What am I?  I looked at my hands, I noticed that some parts of my hand were soft, some dense and hard.  I was scared of people touching my throat.  My throat was 'sacred' I was schizophrenic, or saca.  That's what they called it.  A wizard.  Which meant nothing

Narmer of the first dynasty of Egypt, speaks.

Channeled through Daniel Scott Simonsen

Life was much different back then.  Strange
to modern times, but better.  We were a
kinder people.  There are people who serve
their desires to the detriment of others.

Stop them.  Use black magic to take them out


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